Happy is Pretty. And Life Changing!


Nothing is prettier than happiness, so what are you doing to keep YOU happy?!


As women we’re constantly working to make others happy (it’s part of what makes us amazing) but we also need to make sure we’re practicing self love 

Part of this R+F gig is coaching others to success, so I study success and successful people a lot. Did you know that happy people get more promotions and pay raises? Happy people also live longer, look younger and have better relationships; talk about a combination for success.

Basically, if you want to be hot, successful and loved by others, get happy. Today.

This is why I created the Love Your Life Challenge for my team. Through 30 days of self development, the LYL Challenge forces you live outside of your comfort zone where you’ll experience a burst of growth that increases your happiness and success.

Afterall, if you aren’t happy and loving this ONE life you’re given… what’s the point of living it?!

Your challenge today: Write down 1 thing that you KNOW increases your happiness and joy… then go DO IT! Take action 🙂 You deserve it!

If you think being a part of a team of upbeat, life-loving, inspirational women would benefit you, reach out to me or take a few minutes to learn more from this video. You never know, we may just be the change your life is looking for!

Love & gratitude,


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