9 thoughts on “Financially Fit in 30: Day 10

  1. So I did the worksheet and it looks like it will take me 149 months or just over 12 years to pay everything off. That’s way more realistic than the 25 years on my student loans!!


  2. If I did this correctly, I’m paid up in 8.5 years. I have a question: if I am on an income-based repayment plan for my student loans and they will be wiped out in 10 years (if I continue to teach, which I plan on doing), does it make sense for me to pour $1000 per month into the student loans for 6 years? Would it be better to make the pre-arranged payments and pour that excess into savings once I get my car and credit cards paid off?

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    1. If you’re planning to do the 10 years, it would make more sense to put that $1000 into a mutual fund and make the 12%. On the other hand, I’m not positive I’m going to be teaching for long enough and also don’t quite trust the system, so my goal is to pay off my DOE loans as soon as I break up with Sallie. I think it’s smart to take advantage of the 10 year forgiveness option if it makes sense for you!


  3. Almost caught up! Going to do the work sheet in the morning but if anyone needs any help with mutual funds IRAs or any kind of money management besides insurance I do that as well and would be happy to assist. Best of luck everyone!!

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  4. Ok so I actually was able to do it right now and if I did it correctly it will take me about 29 months to pay off everything. That’s actually amazing!! I’m gonna try to pay it all off in less then 2 years!!! Here’s my goal hold me to it!!!

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  5. so i’ve done the work but never posted the results. It will take me 6 years to pay off my loans but I also plan on using money from alternative incomes to supplement my payments (teaching zumba and babysitting) I think i am more motivated then ever to pay off everything, especially after seeing how much interest can accumulate on my loan and looking over how much money i have wasted. changing my spending and reaching my financial goals is a challenge i happily accept!


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