August Habits

Hey Friends,

It’s about time I held my self accountable to my August Habits! This month I’m working on maintaining professional and personal balance (live simply) as well and living outside of my comfort zone (live bold).

Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no one else, so later, you can live like no one else”.

This month I will live bold by focusing on my key priorities, goals and saying no to things that don’t align with my dreams. I will live simply by continuing to streamline my life and cut out the parts that are draining or are not aligned with my key priorities. Since I love people, saying no or choosing to avoid certain situations will be a huge challenge.

August Habits:

1. Step out of my comfort zone daily. This will apply to all areas of my life. Whether it’s doing a workout that pushes me, having a tough conversation, giving pointed feedback, discussing a difficult topic with my family or naming things publicly; I’m going to push myself to embrace feelings of discomfort in order to further my goals. In the end, to accomplish any goal, you’re required to grow as a person. To grow, means getting comfortable with the uncomfortable… so here goes!

2. Follow through.  I have built up some amazing habits this summer: exercising, taking action, daily planning and having only what I need. They have really changed the way that I live. I don’t want to lose steam now that I’ve gone back to work, so I’m making “follow through” a goal this month. In August, I will keep up with all of the habits I created in July.

3. Accomplish My Daily List.  I did some additional training in the area of organization since that was a habit I was building in July. I learned some key strategies through Chalene Johnson’s Push Challenge (it is AMAZING and free check it out here: I’m getting much better at keeping and creating my list, but revisiting it often and completing everything is not yet a habit. I want to push myself to accomplish even the parts of my list that are out of my comfort zone and leverage it as a tool to reach my goals.

4. Build, Follow & Stick to a Routine.  On a month that I claimed to be focused on living bold, it seems odd to list a routine as a goal. Because my natural tendency is to live in the moment and float through life doing what feels right… a routine is a stretch. When I started having a daily list, it forced me to think about how I could get everything done each day. This lead me to realize that I need to stick to a very intentional routine if I want to accomplish everything on my list.  As of now, I am able to stick to 80% of what’s on my list, so I’m going to need to continue adjusting the routine until I get it right. By the last week of August I will complete 100% of my daily list every day by keeping up with a routine (M-F 🙂 ).

5. Find an extra $1000. A lot of difficult choices I make (saying no) are fueled by my effort to pay off my massive student loans as quickly as possible. Getting bold in this area, I’m going to find $1000 to put towards my debt. Whether it is earned through my Rodan and Fields business, selling things I don’t need or other odd jobs, I’m going to do whatever it takes to find this extra $1000. This habit also goes along with my 30 Day Financial Fitness course, since challengers are working towards saving $1000 for emergencies this month.

Welp, that’s what I’ll be working this month. What are your goals and how are you working towards them this month? Comment below.

Love and gratitude,

jahneva ❤


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