Financially Fit in 30: Day 7

Watch today to see me get attacked by a bee (haha!) and learn WHY I’ve been so repetitious this week! Hopefully the sound is okay, I went outside for better lighting!

Love and gratitude,

jahneva ❤

P.S. Don’t forget to post about bills that you’ve saved on in the past or that you think could be lower. Let’s commit to helping each other out today!

5 thoughts on “Financially Fit in 30: Day 7

  1. I have to say I’m proud of myself. This weekend u managed to make money instead of spending it. I just kept thinking that I made this promise and I have to stick to it. Now I’m gonna plan my spending for next week..can’t reach my goal without a plan! 🙂


  2. We’ve cut down our cell phone! This was before the course but just opened a bill to see the results! My Verizon bill went from $169.13 to $87.18 when my husband switch to Ting (which he is very happy with thus far – haven’t seen his bill yet but supposed to be $40 per month, I have to ask if that is for both of us or just one, but still) I am switching in November when my contract is up 🙂 Diving into the rest!


  3. We’ve decided to not eat organic 😦 for a little bit. I’m pretty upset and guilt ridden over this as I am breastfeeding and we just started our baby on solids. I am having trouble staying behind this decision. But I think it will make a big difference for this month at least to get us back on our feet. Hopefully this will bring more help than harm to my little everything.


  4. I just switched my cell phone plan and saved a bunch. I had the old unlimited data plan with AT&T and was reluctant to give it up, but I found out I was using so little data that it made more sense to switch to one of their newer plans and I am paying wayyyyy less now.


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