Financially Fit in 30: Day 6

Today is all about food! This was the easiest place for me to find extra $$ to put towards my debt!

Don’t forget to comment below with how much you will spend per person on food each week! Can’t to wait to see how I’m doing comparatively!

Love and gratitude,

jahneva ❤

One thought on “Financially Fit in 30: Day 6

  1. Our budget allows $75 pp per week on food, I didn’t do an actual but my last results indicts that it is much more since I know we seem to be short often and are spending more than budgeted. Yet we are way over the 5-10% of our income. We live on commission so its more a budget than an income, but its 20% of our budget…wow we are a mess. Excited to get back on track.


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