Financially Fit in 30: Day 4

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10 thoughts on “Financially Fit in 30: Day 4

  1. So I went on vacation this month and don’t feel it was a good one to judge since a good $500 was fat spending. What I did notice was all the money spent on food when I didn’t prepare and buy groceries.

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  2. Devon. I also had majority of my “fat” from wedding showers and bachelorette parties. So this wasn’t such a good month either but I def noticed most of it went to going out eating or drinking! Jah I’d have to agree I am more focused on my house goal now that I can cut a lot of “fat”

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  3. This has helped me realize just how much I spend on going out. I need to look into more free activities so that way I’m still spending quality time without derailing progress. This activity has also motivated me to look into other ways of earning money so i can reach my goal faster.

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    1. is a great site to find free activities! Also, see if there are any bloggers who write about the AC area. I know highlights all the free stuff to do in Philly. What I’ve found that’s pretty neat is often times when you choose to do a lower budget activity, it ends up being better for your health as well!


  4. I never commented that we are flabby, I can’t find that thread. Catching up! I was shocked how much more we spent in July than our budget indicates! Granted I believe July was an unusually fat month. I found we are not only are we spending well over ($2000 over) our budget on healthy spending so that is a major problem there! We had $1,200 in fat spending! Ready to take a closer look and make some changes! Realizing the problem isn’t that we need more money coming in it is how we are spending our money!


    1. Dawn! You literally just made my day! “Realizing the problem isn’t that we need more money coming in it is how we are spending our money!” That is exactly what will change your life! SO proud of you!!!


  5. Way late, but I just realized that I’m keeping Wawa and Dunkin in business! Almost all of my fat spending is on food we buy because we didn’t plan meals well enough!


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