Financially Fit in 30 Days with Jahneva Diva: Welcome!

Follow these steps to get started in my FREE Financially Fit in 30 course!

For 30 Days, you will be waging war on your finances! Each day, I will send you a quick email with a daily assignment. To reach your financial goals, you’ll need to read the email and follow directions. That’s it! By the end, you will be financially fit and well on your way to becoming financially FREE!!!

To get started:

1. Click this link to register for the course.

2. Invite your accountability partners and simultaneously enter the raffle (add them to the Facebook group)!

3. Complete this survey which I’ll use to guide the content that I cover in each challenge: .

3. Follow the directions in the 1st email to prepare for our kick off on Monday July 27th!

Please reach out if you have any questions or issues! I’m new to all of this too so there may be some hiccups!!

Love and gratitude,

jahneva ❤

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