Blog Confessions

Hey friends,

I was going to start by saying it’s just about past my bed time, but it actually is past my bed time so I’m going to have to make this quick to keep up with my sleep habit. I just feel that I need to name a few things and get them off my chest. Here goes:

1. Blogging is hard! It is super hard to come up with things that you think people will find value in reading every day! If you want to learn a lot about yourself and spur some self-inflicted growth this is definitely the road to go down!

2. I’m still not sure what my “niche” is. Everything I read about blogging says that you need to find your “niche” and cater to your intended audience. I’ve thought, reflected, prayed, worked through, written about, talked about and journaled on this. And what I’ve gotten out of it is that I like to help people learn from the mistakes that I’ve made in the very trial-and-error lifestyle that I live. I LOVE to take risks that require me to teach myself new things, and I LOVE to help others, which fit together pretty nicely. I have advice on a million random things that I’ve learned-to-do and do well or tried-to-do and failed-to-do myself.  I don’t think that qualifies as a “niche,” but I think I just have to embrace it.

3. This blog is going to be a bit random. If you read my first few posts (and I’m not taking them down because I’m at barely 10), you’ll see that I started this blog with a vision for it to be my “Happiness Project”. This has been an awesomely inspiring summer, partly due to that book, but I don’t enjoy writing about myself all that much. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy writing about things I’ve learned or experienced in a way that can help others, just not, “Me, me, me,” with what feels like, no intended purpose. I’m not sure that’s what I was doing exactly but my middle child tendencies to avoid attention kicked in and it started to feel a bit forced. My blog is going to take a bit of a different direction and I’m sure will continue to change as I figure out what I like to write about and as I continue to learn and try more things.

4. Topics I think I’ll be writing about or at least will try to see if I like to write about.

  • Finances: I paid off just about $50,000 in loan debt in one year. I know there are so many people suffering under the overwhelming burden of student loans, and so many people who think they’ll never pay it off, and I’d like to show you that it’s possible.  On another note, I still have about $80,000 to pay (yes, it’s ridiculous), so I’d like to share how I’m working to do that. This is one area that I’m realllllllly excited to get writing about!
  • Fitness: I know a lot about fitness from being a Division 1 Collegiate Athlete (crew) and having the amazing support of phenomenal coaches, trainers and mentors. Despite this knowledge, when I stopped rowing, it took me about a year to get back to working out at all and 2 years to find a workout that I could do consistently. I found a way to learn to LOVE running (I had HATED IT my whole life), to workout consistently WITHOUT going to or paying for a gym (I realized that the gym was actually holding me back) and that working with others on your journey is incredible! Since I still do Beachbody workouts and start new programs every month or two, I am usually pretty excited so I will probably want to share that as well because they are life changing.
  • Health: After becoming a teacher and gaining 20+ lbs my first year out of college (no working out and no focus in this area) I’ve spent the last 5 years rebuilding my habits. I tried just about every diet (vegan, raw, Paleo, no carb, cleanses, etc.) to see what felt best and worked for me (I now just eat a balanced diet, but I’m allergic to gluten so none of that). You can definitely learn a lot from those experiments 🙂 I also love trying healthy recipes and creating my own, I never really thought about sharing those but I think it would be fun!
  • Motivation: I have a naturally unmotivated personality. Whether I need to accomplish something I love or hate, my first instinct is to procrastinate, avoid or make excuses. I’m honest and embrace this about myself, but actively work to overcome it. My husband, on the other hand, thinks about something and is already finished doing it before the thought is complete in his head. I truly admire that about him and have learned SO MUCH about how to get my ass moving. I would love to do that for others. I am also hoping to learn from people through this blog and get some new, “Get it done!” strategies!
  • Habits: This kind of goes along with motivation, but I’m really interested in this. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to make lasting change (when it comes to the small things) and I’d like to continue to share as I go. My “happiness project” will also be continuing. I think habits and happiness go hand in hand and I love learning and writing about anything that will increase happiness.
  • Randoms: Other things I like and may feel inspired to write about: home organization, cleaning, de-cluttering, DIY-ing, redecorating, having a garage sale that actually makes money; thrift store shopping and buying awesome clothes on a budget; spirituality and my journey with God; running a business; giving; family, friendship and relationships… I have those and care about them a lot!!

Alright, those are all of my ideas for now. This is the LONGEST post ever in life, and I’m sorry, but I needed to share where I’m coming from in all of this new bloggy, craziness. Hopefully you got a little bit excited for some things to come on! There will be more, now that I’m not so worried about being in my “niche” 🙂 .

Do you blog? Do you have a niche? What is it? I LOVE feedback and would love to learn from you! Share, share, share!

Love and gratitude,

jahneva ❤

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