Habits Check In 7.9.14

Hey friends ❤

Today is going to be a short, short post. I had a busy day with my mom and niece and and tired!! Totally not ready for kids 🙂 I just quickly wanted to check in on my goals and leave you with some inspiration! I’m rating from a 1-3, 3 being I rocked it!

1. Take Action: I did well with this today. Lots of tidying and picking up after my amazing 6 year old niece! 3

2. Only what I need: Didn’t bring anything new into my house today, but also didn’t bring anything out. 2

3. Exercise: Dropped the ball today so I’ll be doubling up tomorrow. 1

4. Alone time: I had alone time today, but it was late and I was very tired during it. When people stay over it is a little harder to manage my time. I may need to use Lesson Learned #1 a bit when I have visitors.  2

5. A daily plan: Hmmm… this ones trickier. I’m going to say a 2 because my plan was to be home by 5 and that just didn’t happen. I also didn’t have a concrete plan for the rest of the day. I need to work on this one. You know what… I’m going to say 1.  1

Daily Inspiration from today:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.26.18 AM

What are you grateful for today? What do you wish you could control that you’re going to let go of that you can’t control?

Love and gratitude,


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