Building Habits: July

Hey friends 🙂

Happy Hump Dayyyyy! I’ve been trying to figure out how to share the habits I’m building on here to increase my accountable. Research shows that habits change when they are tracked and revisited daily. In order to do so I’m going to post the 5 habits I’m building each month (my Focus 5) and how I’m holding myself accountable. I’m trying to figure out a way to share my Habit Tracker as well. This month I’m focusing on simplifying my mind and space.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.43.24 PM

Habits I’m building:

1. Take action:

Specifically, keeping my physical space clean, orderly and tidy which helps my ability to focus and enjoy my time there. My natural habit is to wait until later (when things build up) to clean or for my husband to do it, so even though this habit is a bit vague it’s an important focus. So far it’s pushing me to take the extra step to put something in the dishwasher or hang my clothes back up. I’m doing pretty well but I’m noticing just how much time it takes to keep up with it all. Accountability: Blog, Habit Tracker

2. Have only what you need: This is again less of a daily habit than a guiding principal. One of my mentors, Dani Johnson, taught me this basic principal and helped me to pay off over $50,000 in debt using it, so continuing to apply it certainly can’t hurt! I have been working to remove things from my house with this phrase in mind but feel like I still have a long way to go. I tend to be a, “more than I need” type of person so I have accumulated way too much stuff! I’ve also been using this phrase when I am out at the store to only buy what I need. For instance, today I went to Target and was able to check out in the Express Lane! First time that’s ever happened 🙂 An added bonus is that this should help me reach my goal of paying off my last private student loan by the end of 2014! Accountability: Blog, Habit Tracker, Bank Account

3. Exercise: Daily exercise (especially in the morning) is energizing and a great time to spend alone and focused on myself which is something my personality type needs (see a post about it ). It’s also something that tends to keep all of my other habits in line. It  helps build consistency in my day. I like to workout at home but without the stress of designing my own workouts so I do mostly Beach Body DVDs. I just started PiYo which is a mix of Pilates and Yoga and I LOVE it! It makes my body feel like a million bucks. I haven’t missed a workout yet so I would say I’m rocking this habit! Accountability: Blog, Habit Tracker, Beachbody Challenge Group

4. Alone Time: Every day, I’d like to spend at least 30 minutes alone, reflecting on life. Some things I may use this time for include reading, praying or journaling. I will also reflect on 3 pieces of gratitude, which research shows increases your happiness exponentially. Having this along time is really rejuvenating and it helps to keep the right perspective. Accountability: Blog, Habit Tracker, Facebook Group

5. A Daily Plan: This is by far the hardest habit for me this month. My mind and body struggle with routine! The book, Getting Things Done by David Allen, explains that your brain functions on this type of organization. Having a cluttered mind that is constantly thinking of things it needs to do cannot focus on the task at hand. You need to have a system to capture that information so that your brain stops bring it up. I’ve tried a lot of systems in the past that didn’t work for me so this month I’m going to try again to find one. If you have a great system please share! Accountability: Blog, Habit Tracker, “the system”

Thanks for reading my “Focus 5” Habits for July! If you have any tips that can help my journey or if you think of a way that I can help you, I would love to hear from you!

Love and gratitude,

jahneva ❤

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